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Data Storage

Some apps need to store and retrieve data. For example apps like Power BI needs to store mapping details of each user. To achieve this we have key - value data storage where the data of the users are stored as a key-value pair and can also be retrieved.

For this tutorial let say we have an object:

const newData = {
    id: 123,
    name: "john doe"
  • Store

set can be used to set a key-value pair for every installed user for the app.


  await client.db.set("data", newData);


  await $Storage.set("data", newData);
  • Retrieve:

    get can be used to retrieve a value for that particular installed user. It returns a stringified object which can be then converted to json by JSON.parse(result).


  const result = JSON.parse(await window.client.db.get("data"));


const result = await $Storage.get("data");

Handling Errors

  • 500 error is thrown when you try to fetch a key that is not present in the database.

  • Data storage methods directly return an Error object if any error occurs. So, it’s not required to handle the error in the try-catch block.